laminate based bench tops and components (kitchen units etc)
The buildings that house Multiform Joinery are centrally located at Richlands less than 20 minutes from the centre of Brisbane. Raw materails are delivered to our door and from this point go through a modern manufacturing process.
A sophisticated cutting machine takes the boards and cuts them to size - as determined by a computerised processing system.

A computerised profiler then cuts and rounds the leading edge of the board that will leave the product with a perfectly smooth finish.
Multiform have a large stock of laminate surfaces which are then selected to match their client's requirements.

The laminate surface is carefully cut to fit the board being prepared for coating.  

The board is first put through a machine that applies a special glue to the surface. The cut laminate is then applied to the glued surface. The board, with laminate applied, is then placed in a special pressing machine which bonds the two pieces together.
This machine plays a key part in protecting the vulnerable undersurface of boards from rotting.

The laminate coating is cut so that it extends beyond the length of the board. This overlap is then used to secure the vulnerable area.

The machine binds the overlapping laminate to the board so that no vulnrable areas remain. We are one of only two manufacturers to provide this critical feature. The completed board is then trimmed to exact specifications provided by the computer.
This machine creates the joins for bench tops and for the large volume of kitchen and other component units requested by our clients. The finished board is then cleaned and finished to remove any excess fragments from the edges.

Multiform also has a division which manufactures and finishes solid timber benchtops

Shed 1, 848 Boundary Rd, Richlands, Queensland, Australia
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